Monday, November 25, 2013


Marriage isn't easy but if you love your partner, it is always worth fighting for and can be fun and exciting. No marriage is perfect regardless of how hard the test or situation may be, never give up! 
We have to always keep in mind what it is about that person that we fell in love with the first place. We also must remember that "life happens" and whatever life brings you, you must go through it together. Keep God first! in HIM you can never go wrong, He is the CREATOR OF MARRIAGE!!!!!The devil can't tear down a team that is already united but he may succeed in a marriage that's already divided! 
As a woman, we carry so much on us and inside of us that sometimes we feel we are all alone and our spouse doesn't understand, but he does! and sometimes what you'll find is that he understands a lot more than we think or give him credit for! Some if not most men aren't as out spoken as we are on certain things, they need time to process and eliminate first where as us women can handle it right then and there. Patience is key with our men. Prayer is key in our marriages! 

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